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All registrations for Softball and Baseball will be completed online through Ramp. This change comes directly from Baseball Manitoba and Softball Manitoba to make the process more streamlined for organizers. Families will need to create an account. Please note, we serve families from all over North Winnipeg. Your child may be hosted by a community club other than your home club.

Softball Registration:

Baseball Registration:

Due to Covid-19, Softball MB and Baseball MB will be submitting Return to Play Protocols for approval before the season may start. Therefore, RRCC will not be collecting any payments for Fees until the season is confirmed for 2021.



RALLY CAP (7 and under)

The Rally Cap Program is baseball's initiation program and is designed to enhance players' and coaches' first experience with the game. The program helps teams teach players the five FUNdamentals of baseball in a fun and safe environment. Players have the opportunity to perform different tasks in order to earn a colored Baseball Canada Rally Cap. Cap colors correspond with various levels of achievement. In Manitoba, the hats are distributed free to associations.

Baseball Manitoba has adopted Baseball Canada's Rally Cap as the entry level, or initiation program for the 5 - 7 age group. The format involves three teams of six players that meet at the park at the same time. Two teams play a 20 minute game, while one team practices in the outfield. Every 20 minutes they switch, so that each team plays offense and defense and has one practice in the 60 minutes session.

Rally Cap Program Goals
1. Create a fun environment in which children and adults are actively engaged together in the game of baseball.
2. Develop fundamental motor skills, teach baseball skills, and basic rules to our players.
3. Experience success with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.
4. Promote increased self-esteem among Rally Cap children and adults.
5. Recruiting new coaches and volunteers

During the season the teams will be working on five fundamentals of baseball. Twice during the season the players will have opportunities to perform different skill tasks in order to earn a coloured Baseball Canada Rally Cap (hence the program name). Different coloured hats are achieved based on the level reached.

GRAND SLAM (9 and under)

The Grand Slam Program is designed to promote physical development of children through the game of baseball. The program helps develop physical literacy by using a modified game to teach the basic baseball skills to children and ensure success. The program is designed for children of eight and nine and consists of four categories of activity fit into two seasons. 

Grand Slam Goals
1. Create a healthy environment in which children of various levels of ability find pleasure in learning baseball
2. Initiate or pursue the development of basic baseball skills and strategies for players
3. Teach and develop sportsmanship in a context of healthy competition
4. Develop and promote self-esteem in children

11U (10/11), 13U (12/13), 15U (14/15), 18U (16/17/18)

At this point players begin competitive baseball where all rules apply. Various levels of play are so as to ensure that all players regardless of their skill level can enjoy the game of baseball.



2014-15-16 Rally Cap T/TH $80 $25 $13 $118

2012-13-14 Grand Slam M/W/SAT/SUN $125 $25 $13 $163

2010-2011 11U A T/TH/SAT/SUN $185 $25 $13 $223

2010-2011 11U AA T/TH/SAT/SUN $250 $25 $13 $288

2008-2009 13U A M/W/SAT/SUN $195 $25 $13 $233

2008-2009 13U AA M/W/SAT/SUN $265 $25 $13 $303

2006-2007 15U A T/TH/SAT/SUN $205 $25 $13 $243

2006-2007 15U AA M/W/SAT/SUN $280 $25 $13 $318

2003-04-05 18U A T/TH/SAT/SUN $225 $25 $13 $263

2003-04-05 18U AA M/W/SAT/SUN $300 $25 $13 $338


Changes to Softball for 2021

Softball Manitoba has restructured their divisions to create a stronger performance pathway which will give more athletes the opportunity to play at a high level.

A - Club level, formerly B
AA - New to introduce High Performance 
AAA - High Performance, formerly A

The new regional boundaries will pair St James with North Winnipeg to form AA and AAA organizations. 

What does this mean for your daughter?

If she just wants to play club level and have fun with friends, nothing will change. Our local community centers will be hosting teams as they have in the past.

If she wants more competition, but not the commitment that AAA requires, AA tryouts take place in May with the teams competing after the community club provincials. All athletes must play club level to participate. This level also acts as a bridge to prepare to make the jump to AAA.

If she wants to play the highest level in the province, AAA tryouts take place in September with teams forming shortly after and practicing year round.

Nights of Play

  • Monday/Wednesday: U10, U14, U19
  • Tuesday/Thursday: U12, U16

Red River Community Centre is only able to host U10 and U12 ages. All registrations will be taken through RRCC and players will be transferred to a Community Centre that is hosting for the older ages.

Cost for U10 & U12:

Program Fee: $125

RRCC Admin Fee: $25

City of Wpg Field Fee: $13

Age Groups

U10 (2011/12/13)

At this age, players should be able to confidently perform the fundamental skills of softball (throwing, catching and hitting). These skills are also taught during the season.

U12 (2009/2010)

Players will be varying field positions. Pitching skills will be worked on for those interested. Coaches will continue to hone player’s skills.

U14 (2007/2008)

At this point players should begin defining their field positions. Normally, pitchers and catchers are determined by this age. Other field positions will continue to be rotated.

U16 (2005/2006)

Most field positions will be defined, in particular, pitching, catching and some infield positions. Some field positions will still be rotated.

U19 (2002/2003/2004)

A continuation of Bantam, but more defined positions, including outfield. Some field positions are still rotated.

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